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Happy children, happy parents 

Cute Siblings
Parents and Daughter

Welcome to Activeplay kids

Fun activities for you
and your family

Are you looking for fun learning activities?

Would you like to keep your little ones happy and busy at home?

Thinking to give a try on learning and practise Spanish or English language?

Would you like to discover some resources to support your kid's development? 

 Planning a special surprise for your kid? Count on us for the entertainment!

Are you ready for the adventure?

What We Do

We encourage to develop coordination and balance
Unleashes creativity
Develop language skills
Great physical activity
Parents will meet other parents
Build confidence
We encourage to develop coordination and balance
Promotes a healthy lifestyle
Kids would make new friends
Contribute to cognitive development
Happy Girl

Why choose us?

100% Professionalism

Our services are punctual and responsable. 

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100%  positive feedback

We provide unforgettable moments for a special day.


Available for :

~Holidays workshops.
~Individual and private groups.

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fruits and forest tray
collage first session
collage 6 session
collage 5 session
collage second session rainblow theme
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